Our Brands

We have taken the time to research which brands suit our company the most, based on being a more natural approach to your skin, body and nails.

Reinforcing our core value, enhancing your own natural beauty!


Dermaceutic is Our newest brand in Salon,

They developed their skincare brand based on the belief your skin is intelligent, using science to boost its natural power, creating high precision products for you, the customer. 

In Salon we use Dermaceutic for Our Chemical Peel treatments along with a Mini Dermaceutic Facial. You will not be disappointed!!


Unveil your skins best version of itself with Dermaceutic!

CACI model .jpg

CACI is a Non-surgical face lift, using a micro-current that mimics your bodies own natural bio-electrical field which stimulates the belly (brain) of the muscle, re-educating it to work again. 

Like sending your face to the gym!!

A natural anti-ageing approach to reduce lines and wrinkles on the face, eyes and neck. CACI also improves skin tone, texture and the absorption on skincare products.

The results are amazing!

Invest in your skin as its going to represent you a long time! 


ibd logo .png
ibd gel pick.jpg

IBD has been around over 40 years, setting the standard for salon excellence. We wanted a Gel polish that was hard wearing as well as being easy to remove causing minimum damage to your nails which is exactly what we found in IBD.

For our Manicure & Pedicure range we also use IBD's Spa range giving your hands and feet the 5 star treatment they deserve!


Beautiful Hands and Feet all year round! 


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Decleor Logo.png

Decleor pride themselves in their pure, natural ingredient led products, using only the highest quality of essential oils in every product.

Not only benefiting your skin on the outside but also on the inside too!

Each treatment will allow your mind and body to unwind, taking your senses on a journey to pure relaxation!

Cherisse has over 13 years experience with Decleor and this was one of the very first brands when Naveya beauty started. 

The harmony between Mind, Body & Soul!

LVL Logo .png

LVL Lashes is a revolutionary lash treatment which enhances and creates Length, Volume & Lift all with your own natural lash.

No extension, No mascara & No maintenance required.

*Test Patch required 24 hours before* 

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty!!